tirsdag den 4. november 2008

Kristiansand Oct. 31-Nov. 2nd 2008

On Halloween the Board of CEUC (B) and the local host committee (lhc) for the 2009 CEUC conference met in Kristiansand for board meetings and conference planning.

Hilde Sællmann (lhc), Nils J. Riedl (B/lhc), Markus Anker (chair of the B),
Katarina Egfors Haernring (B), Valborg Orset Stene (lhc), Linn Strømme Hummelvoll (lhc), Helge Smemo (lhc), Esther Diederen (B),
Evy Toolenaar (secretary),
not in picture: Lise Lotz (treasurer/webmaster)

We had some wonderful days at the premises of the upcoming conference enjoying the beautiful sunbathed autumncoloured landscape - in the few moments we spent outside not working.

The work on the 2009 conference is coming along well and very soon the website and online registration will be open.